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Buy Fake Braided Headband

8. Separate your hair into three sections, as you would to do a regular braid. Make sure your center section lines up with your HEADBAND and has a little bit MORE HAIR than the other two sections (this is to make sure your headband is completely hidden within the hair, especially if it is not a similar color)

buy fake braided headband

We already knew Dollar Tree sold fake hair, because we purchased some fake hair there a few days ago to wear to our family talent show, since we were the judges and needed to look fancy. We also bought fake hair to give as a prize. Today, we returned to purchase a second piece of fake hair, since there ended up being two winners.

But you can still get the idea. All the fake hair at Dollar Tree is neon in color, which means it is mainly for fun. They have three styles: long fake hair attached to a braided headband, with glitter highlights; medium-length curly two-toned fake hair attached to a bow; and finally, medium-length straight two-toned fake hair attached to a bow. Our favorite selection from Dollar Tree was this fancy little number:

However, they did have a fairly wide selection, though it should be noted they only had curly fake hair. We felt that a more craft-oriented sort of person might enjoy using the fake hair from A.C. Moore and making their own fake hair piece, especially since the fake hair from A.C. Moore was of a high enough quality to wear realistically. 041b061a72


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