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MiTek WoodEngine V. SW !!LINK!!

would you like to work for a small team of skilled and passionate trades who are really excited about what they do? here at mitek we are always looking for talented trades to join our team and take on exciting projects.

MiTek WoodEngine v. SW


architects can then review the model, make any necessary changes, and send back to the truss designer. where the truss designer has included the truss components in the model, it is simply a case of choosing the relevant tabs in the truss properties to add or remove the components. where the truss designer has not included the truss components, then the architect can add the components themselves to the model, and miteks software will automatically add the truss components.

it is also possible to use the design for results (dfr) function in the design software to populate the model with the truss components to ensure that the truss profile is the correct size. a complete discussion of dfr is beyond the scope of this article. the dfr function is available in all miteks software and it is used extensively by truss designers, and it can save a lot of time and effort as a result.

mitek woodengine can import and export; import 2d drawings and 3d models; import and export bentley and microstation files; import dxf, dwg, dgn, dtm and xdw and export nurbs, jpg, pdf, etc. the software also has powerful links to other software packages such as microstation, bentley, rockwell, and autodesk civil 3d, plus other autodesk and non-autodesk packages, for example; cadsoft, evernote and inventor.

woodengine has been developed specifically for the uk and irish timber frame industry by our team of software developers since its launch in 2005. woodengine offers flexible and dynamic tools to suit a range of timber frame, mmc and offsite component manufacturers, and has powerful links to numerous other packages to allow for complete bim integration.


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