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Still Woozy - Wolfcat (Audio) HOT!

This song is more bass heavy and chilled out that vacation, In my opinion this is where still woozy found his style as the songs he made from this point on were more consistent compared to vacation. 8/10

Still Woozy - Wolfcat (Audio)

The complex drumbeat in this song really complements the vocals. There are parts where still woozy speeds up his singing, this is mirrored my the drum beat which give the feeling of the whole song just being sped up. This makes the song really unique. 8/10

Still Woozy is has a really unique style which makes his songs recognisable, however all of them keep their own identity by having a quality that sets them apart from the others. I have a feeling that still woozy will keep growing exponentially. 041b061a72


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