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Buy Cheap Cat Food

Topping our list of the best cheap or affordable cat food is Nulo Freestyle Turkey & Chicken Grain-Free Canned Cat and Kitten Food. For the price of a can of Fancy Feast, you get a simple, meat-based meal on par with those from spendy brands like Tiki Cat and Weruva.

buy cheap cat food


I and Love and You dry cat foods are sold in 3.4-pound, 5-pound, and 11-pound bags. This Naked Essentials recipe costs about $0.21 per ounce. For the average 10-pound cat, your daily feeding price would be about $0.52 per day.

Price:$0.16 per ozAuthority is a PetSmart brand that claims to create high-quality, scientifically-formulated foods at an economical price. You can think of this as a slightly better alternative to Friskies.

Great question! Though dry foods are never our first recommendation, there are a few options that are both affordable and relatively high-quality. Simply Nourish, American Journey, and I and Love and You are a few brands to consider.

One of my cats is a rescue with HIV. He is happy and doing well. But he had to have all his teeth removed. I need to give him food good for cats with HIV but since he has no teeth I would like to give him pate or as close to that as possible. Please recommend a low-cost food for Buster.

Hi I have a question but first a little back story I adopted this kitten around 2 months ago she was outside I socialized her she still lives outside. I bought her pure balance cat food she does eat it but i was maybe thinking i could buy 4health cat food because it is more cheaper and the ingredients are somewhat similar for a cheaper price plus 4health does offer way bigger bags so what do you think would be better sticking to pure balance or buying 4health? My kitten is almost 4 months old

When I had a cat diagnosed with diabetes and was not happy with the treatment nor insulin regimen provided to me by his attending vet, I contacted Cornell for testing advice and food recommendations. They highly recommended Tiki wet cat food as their first choice because it was one of the lowest canned food in carbs and the tuna and fish are human grade and test mercury free. What do I know!! So what is your take on Tiki wet food for cats?? And how about Young Again Dry carb free cat food? Is it testing as they say and can a diabetic cat eat it safely?

HI,Thank you for all you do! In this article the #1 rated Whole Hearted review states low carbohydrate content. But, In your individual review on this canned food you state that it is high in carbohydrates. This is confusing as it is conflicting information. Can you please clarify.Also, what do you think of Nulo canned food and Weruva Paw Lickin Chicken canned food?Also, Crave indoor dry cat food?I am gone 12 hrs a day so I cannot leave canned food out for my cat so unfortunately I do need to give her some dry food while I am away. Otherwise, she is only given canned food.

This is the fourth article I have read from this site advising on the best foods for our cats. Firstly, Fancy Feast never should have made it onto this list. The only good from the food is its price. Guar Gum, Menadione Sulfate Bisulfite has no business being in ANY pet food. It causes liver toxicity and damages cell membranes. There are plenty of natural sources of vitamin K that help in the digestinal tract, but they cost a few pennies more so manufacturers go to the synthetic source. And it is my understanding that lungs do not have the same nutritional value as exceeding organs such as kidneys, liver heart. Finally, just based on ethics alone Purina Products should not be on this list either.I have been thinking of giving my cat raw foods since there are no affordable manufactured foods that are limited ingredients, organic without gums, starches, and grains. Even buying lamb would be cheaper than the WAY OVERPRICED pet foods on the market now. I will have to find a good source of ground bones so my cat gets the calcium and iron that can be lost during the manufacturing high heat, pressure cooking process that many use.If anyone knows of a source, please reply or make a comment. Thank you ahead of time.

With Chewy, you can set up a wide array of intervals and get your cat food delivered straight to your door without needing to do a thing. Even better, when you sign up for automatic reordering, you get exclusive discounts on the products.

Just like Chewy, with Amazon, you can get exclusive deals on already low prices if you sign up for auto-reordering. You can change reorder intervals, which lets you get the right amount of cat food at the right intervals.

When it comes to shopping for cat food on, you have plenty of ways to narrow down the options. Shop by brand or product type or filter the results by life stage, flavor, health considerations, and other factors. Target also frequently offers deals on pet products which makes it easy to save on the brands you already buy.

Raised Rights is our top pick for the best fresh cat food delivery service they are made with the highest quality ingredients possible. Both recipes are formulated to meet the nutritional levels established by AAFCO for complete and balanced nutrition.

When you order Raised Right cat food, you have two options. One option is to purchase a sample box of two 2-pound bags for $19.99 each plus $9.99 shipping. The second option is to purchase a full box of eight bags for $19.99 each with free shipping.

JustCats is the cat-based product line from Just Food for Dogs, a popular fresh dog food delivery service. This fresh cat food company only offers a single recipe at this time, but it is made with 100% human-edible ingredients and gently prepared in small batches to preserve the natural flavor and nutritional integrity.

It's largely a matter of preference where you choose to shop for cat food, but shopping online does come with certain benefits. You'll fid it easier to compare products and prices, plus you'll have access to a wide variety of product choices. Plus, many online retailers offer free shipping and auto-ship discounts.

4. Hold a cat food drive. Pick a day and location and publicize your event. Try to involve clubs you belong to or your workplace. You can also see if local high schools or volunteer organizations are interested in holding a drive. Or, ask local grocery stores and pet supply shops if you could put out a bin to collect cat food donations.

AlphaDogFood manufactures and sells its own range of pet foods. While they primarily deal with dog food, as the name suggests, they do have a line of cat food. You can buy in bulk, which helps reduce the cost, and the company claims to make high-quality and nutritional pet food, making it our top pick for best places to buy cat food in bulk. Although the site is aimed primarily at pet enthusiasts that are looking to save money through a pet food subscription, they do also sell to the trade.

StedCal Exports stocks and sells a massive range of wholesale products. This includes pet food and you will find a good selection of cat foods, including dry kibble and wet food. The company claims that its customers can enjoy savings of between 10% and 45% and enjoy the benefits of hassle-free sourcing for their stock.

CloseOutPet is based in Michigan and sells pet food that is out of date or that has a close date. They sell new items, not those that have been pulled from shelves, which means that items are unused and undamaged. They have a selection of food, treats, and accessories. Their range includes cat food as well as dog food and more.

Direct Liquidation is an online liquidator. Unlike most liquidators, though, they offer access to tier-1 brands and, although you can buy cat food by the pallet, you can opt for lesser bulk sizes. Direct Liquidation is an auction site and you will need to register before you bid but doing so could land you a considerable saving on your bulk cat food order.

Lewisco Holdings is another liquidator. This time, the company specializes in the sourcing and distribution of food and beverage products, including pet foods. Products vary from kibble and dehydrated food to organic pet food and treats. is a liquidity services marketplace. They have more than 500 product categories, which include cat food and other pet supplies. Available products do change, and you do need to bid because this is a liquidation auction-style service, but you can pick up some low-price bargains.

uShip operates like a marketplace. Companies list pallets of products they have, buyers express an interest, and shippers quote on getting the pallet from the seller to the buyer. Because it is a marketplace, there is no guarantee of what items will be listed and where, but there is usually a good supply of cat food by the pallet.

Alibaba is an e-commerce company. Most products on the site have a minimum order, and in the case of cat food, this means that you will need to buy a minimum of 500 bags. This also means that you can access some great savings, and because Alibaba is a Chinese company, it means that you can find some unique products that are otherwise unavailable in the US.

DollarDays specifically offers its services to non-profits so if you run a cat shelter or other non-profit, they could have the items you need to feed your cats, and they will have items that you can sell to make some extra donations. Available products do change regularly, so you will have to check back frequently to get the best deals on cat food.

Bullseye Wholesale is a wholesale supplier, and they have regularly updated deals and offers. As a buyer, you can subscribe to receive updates when new cat food and pet supplies are added, which enables you to buy the items you want.

Buying cat food by the pallet means generous savings compared to buying individually. It is also more convenient and, if you own a shop or a non-profit shelter, buying by the pallet will be essential to ensure that you have the stock you need, to hand. Check out the companies above to find your next wholesale cat food supplier. 041b061a72


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